Saturday, 15 June 2013

The 31 day challenge - day 6 VIOLET!

Hey there folks! 
That's the last 'colour' manicure in the challenge, the next one will be black & white, so we'll start working with some more colours!
I'm writing this listening to this song, so I'm feeling kinda cool ;)
Anyway, here are the manicures that Frankie and I did for the challenge!

I wasn't really feelinng like painting my nails plain violet, so I added some stripes in white and bright pink, but I decided it was too much and to make it more delicate, I added some roses, for which I made a turorial some time ago, so make sure you go check it to see how I did them!

I really like how this turned out! 
I used KIKO # 330 (background and roses), KIKO # 389 (leaves), Sinful Colors Cream Pink (bright pink stripes) and Revlon White On White (you guessed it.. that's the white!). As a basecoat I used Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle and as topcoat KIKO 3 in 1 shine (that I almost finished, I guess I'll go and by another one! Any advice on which I should buy?)

And that was the last photo of my manicure, now let's see Frankie's take on this challenge.

What do you think of our job? Let us know in the comments!

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Giulia (and Frankie!)

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