Friday, 25 October 2013

Gold and bronze gradient

Hello ladies! It's been a while since I last posted... again! I'm starting to be annoied by the way life tries to interfere with blogging. 

Today I'm here to show you a little, easy gradient with studs. Hope you like it!

Friday, 4 October 2013

End of the break!

Hey there! I'm so happy that I'm finally back! Even better, I'm HAPPY!!!

On the 17th of August, I left my beloved Milan to come here, in Scotland. I'll be a foreign exchange student for a whoooooooole year, and I am so excited to be able to have this experience!
Anyway, one of the 'bad' things about this journey, is that I didn't have time to write a proper post or take proper pics of my nail art (trust me, I've done LOADS of nail art lately!). 
During the last few weeks, I took my time to settle down, relax, explore Edinburgh and meet a lot of wonderful people, including my host parents.

I know this is not a 'normal' post here, but I don't have anything else than the pics I took with my phone, so I hope they'll be fine for you! Also, I have a surprise for you!

(I apologise in advance for the super poor quality of the pictures!)
I'll go in temporal order!