Monday, 10 June 2013

Matte cross

Hey there! In the last few days I've been very busy with school, so I haven't had any time to post! Anyway, here I am, and what I'm about to show you is a manicure I really love.

That's a very easy one. Basically you just paint a cross across (oh gosh, I hate this pun!) your nail, in a colour that is toootally different from the main one,!

This time I decided to use this dark purple-ish polish, KIKO #255, and on top of it another KIKO polish, #616, which is a silver metallic polish, created to give you a mirror effect, and it works!

I created the cross with my long striper brush and then mattified everything with my Shaka matte top coat.

Some time ago, I old you I was trying Sally Hansen's nailgrowth miracle, and now I can tell you it works! It doesn't really make my nails stronger, but they grow faster than ever before! When I broke my pinky nail, I was desperate, because normally it would have taken maybe 2 weeks to grow back, but now, in a week, it's brand new! I love this product, though I'll try some others, because I love trying new things :)

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