Thursday, 14 March 2013

Rose nails - tutorial

Third post, first tutorial. This post is for a friend of mine, Frankie, who asked me to do it! I hope you will understand everything, and if not.. just tell me!

Step 1: Take everything you'll need. I used:
-A dotter
-Something like a plastic dish
-Some polishes (base coat, red/pink, white, green, light blue, top coat)

Step 2: apply base coat, let it dry, and apply the polish you'll use as a background for the roses

Step 3: pur 2 'blobs' of the pink/red and white polishes on your plastic dish, and dip the dotter where these two colours meet, make sure to have both of them on the dotter!

Step 4: create a C on you nail

Step 5: create anoter C, closing the circle

Step 6: continue creating Cs until the rose is finished and, while you wait for it to dry, create other roses

Step 7: take your green polish, clean the dotter, and create some leaves by dragging the colour

Step 8: apply your top coat, and you're done!

Polishes used:
Essence studio nails - XXL nail thickener
Revlon - White On White
KIKO - #340, 343, 361
KIKO 3 in 1 shine

I hope this was clear! 
bye for now ;)



  1. Thank you Giulia ^-^
    Tomorrow I will try, but do you think we can also use a toothpick? :)