Friday, 5 April 2013

The 31 Day Challenge - Day 1 RED!

Hey there! Here I am, with my first day of this challenge. It's been a hard week, full of relax ;P
Today is the red day, so me and my friend, Frankie, created a manicure full of this beautiful colour, which reminds me of love and all those things related to it.

First, my idea, then Frankie's! ;)

As I said before, red reminds me of love, so I did a manicure inspired by it! First, I applied my basecoat (Essence studio nails - XXL nail thickener), then i painted my thumb, pointer, middle and pinky with Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar, which is a red polish with small silver (I guess) glitters.. I just love it! After applying two coats of red, I took Revlon - White On White (#050) and painted my ring finger with 3 coats. When the white polish dried, I make a little heart with Sugar Sugar and applied my new matte topcoat, which is from Shaka.

Do you like it? Let me know in the comments!

And now it's time to see Frankie's idea!

Even if you can barely see it, on her ring finger she did some stripes! She used an Essence base coat (unfortunately she can't remember the exact name or number), then Kiko #238 and Essence #30 - Late At Night for the stripes. I think it's a lovely look, very easy and nice!

So, that's it, for now ;)

Giulia (and Frankie, of course!)

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