Thursday, 11 April 2013

The 31 Day Challenge - Day 2 ORANGE!

Hello world! I know, I know, I should have written this like 2 days ago, I'm sorry!
Today's colour was orange, so we became creative and painted our nails!

 I didn't have many ideas, so I just made some stripes with the striping tape, using silver and orange.
The polishes I used are Essence Studio Nails XXL nail thickener, KIKO #616, 280 and KIKO 3 in 1 Shine Top Coat.

Some days ago, I was in the center of my city, Milan, and I saw the striping tape looking at me and whispering Buy me!, I just couldn't resist, so I bought it!

And now.. it's Frankie's turn!

For her orange nails, she decided to do these adorable oranges (I tried to do oranges as well, but I ended up with orange pizzas :D), using her Essence base coat, and KIKO # 280, 296 and # 356. Here is a close up of her thumb!

Aren't these super nice?

Get ready for the incoming yellow nails!

Giulia (and Frankie)

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