Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Some old designs..

Hello! That's a kind of.. collection (?) of some old designs I made, hope you like them!

Christmas 2012 - These were very funny to make! The brown I used for those little faces is H&M - Dust & Diamonds, the chocolatey brown for the horns is Avon - Deluxe Chocolate, the noses were ade with a mixture of KIKO #238 and #304, the eyes are KIKO #265 (a dark blue.. I still don't have a black!), while for Santa I used KIKO #238 (hat), Essence - Nail Art Stampy Polish stamp me! white (beard), a mixture of these two for the nose and the eyes with KIKO #265.
Base Coat & Top Coat: KIKO 3 in 1 shine

Hey there, furry nails! I absolutely LOVE these, and I can assure you they are as soft as they look like! That's the famous look by Ciaté :)

Yeah.. I don't really know how to explain these.. That was just doodling with a striper brush and a dotter.. I used KIKO #2645 and Catrice - 650 Goldfinger

Just a striper brush and some polish here :)
Revlon - White On White and KIKO #238

YAY! Minions! These took me HOURS, literally: at least 3! But they were soooo nice, and I received LOTS of compliments, even in the underground.
KIKO #294,279,265,238,  Essence - Nail Art Stampy Polish stamp me! white

Just some pretty roses, very easy and fun to make!
KIKO #343,389,361 and Revlon - White On White

If you want a tutorial for any of those, I can try to make one, they are (almost) all easy designs, and if you have any questions, I am here to answer ;)



  1. These are really wonderful!! Can you please post the tutorial for the roses?? Oh, I really loved them!! :D Thanks a lot ^^