Friday, 4 October 2013

End of the break!

Hey there! I'm so happy that I'm finally back! Even better, I'm HAPPY!!!

On the 17th of August, I left my beloved Milan to come here, in Scotland. I'll be a foreign exchange student for a whoooooooole year, and I am so excited to be able to have this experience!
Anyway, one of the 'bad' things about this journey, is that I didn't have time to write a proper post or take proper pics of my nail art (trust me, I've done LOADS of nail art lately!). 
During the last few weeks, I took my time to settle down, relax, explore Edinburgh and meet a lot of wonderful people, including my host parents.

I know this is not a 'normal' post here, but I don't have anything else than the pics I took with my phone, so I hope they'll be fine for you! Also, I have a surprise for you!

(I apologise in advance for the super poor quality of the pictures!)
I'll go in temporal order!
TA-DAH! Round nails! YEAH!

First up, these super cool flowery nails! I did them a couple of weeks ago and a lot of people liked them! I used a lot of polishes, and I can't really remember their names, except for Barry M Foil Effects in gold.


Galaxy nails! A lot of polishes, a lot of time, a lot of fun! I'm not particularly proud of these, but I am somehow happy with how they look! I used too many polishes in these: KIKO #294, 940, 238, 279, 275, Barry M foil effects in golden, Beauty UK DENIM FX - BLUE DENIM and Maybelline color show in Winter baby.


Flowers.. again! Really?! Really. 
In these last few weeks I've been really loving flowery patterns!
For this, I used KIKO #340, 297, 279, Sinful colors - Unicorn, Maybelline color show - Urban Turquoise and I think Barry M - Peach Melba (I'll have a separate post about this polish. I L♥VE IT!)


These are pretty easy to do, aren't they? :)
All I used was Sally Hansen - Bandage and some studs. Voilà!


Bonus pic! I tried to have square nails, but they just kept breaking every time, so I went back to my beloved round nails a couple of months ago.. and they never broke! (ok, this might bring me unluck. Great.)

I know I've disappeared for more than 2 moths! I'm sooo sorry! But now I'm ready to come back! I'll try and post at least once a week, I super-promise! And maybe with pics taken with my usual camera!

Oh, I almost forgot about it! My base coat at the moment is OPI Nail Envy for sensitive and peeling nails, and my top coat is OPI RapiDry TopCoat (which I'll abandon, because it started becoming impossible to work with after about half bottle was used!)

If you want a tutorial for any of these, just let me know in the comments!
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