Thursday, 4 July 2013

Giant Leopard Moth

Hey there! Today I have a special (yet strange) post for you! 
I ran out of ideas, so I asked to a friend of mine if he could help me, and he sent me this picture of a giant leopard moth (source).
I immediately fell in love with the pattern it has on its body, and I KNEW I had to do some nail art with that pattern!

As a base I used Revlon White On White (I'm starting to hate this polish because it does some bubbles when it dries and BLEAH), then I mixed some KIKO #265 (dark blue metallic polish) and KIKO #304 (silver sparkles!) until I obtained this dark blue metallic effect. The black is just KIKO #275. I used my OPI RapiDry top coat, which is absolutely fantastic (I'll never stop saying this ;D).

I't's been kind of a struggle photographing this blue, because in real life it's much brighter than it is in photos!

So, what do you think of these nails? I am really in love with how they turned out! 

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