Saturday, 18 May 2013

The 31 day challenge - day 5 BLUE!

Hello! Here we are with day 5, blue nails! It's been pretty hard to find some nail art to do, because I don't want to use plain colours, so.. that's what I (and Frankie) came up with!

After I saw this tutorial, I literally fell in love with those little koi fishes, so I decided to make them, and to use them as my day 5!

To do this, I used KIKO # 340, 391, 304, 275, 357 and Revlon White On White.
They weren't as time consuming as they look like, but they are very nice! I also painted a little koi fish on my thumb nail

Now, let's see Frankie's nails!

I love love looove these!

They look much nicer in person! You should see them..

Here we are! Another post is finished, another challenge gone.. Now we're heading to day 6 - violet nails! What are we gonna do?! :)

See ya!
Giulia (and Frankie!)

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